Welcome to RDP Escrow

Our main goal is our client’s satisfaction. We utilize today's state of the art technology with traditional service.

Our teams of escrow officers have vast escrow experience, which is based on the practical, day-to-day experience of closing thousands of escrow transactions.


We are not partnered nor do we have any business interests in other companies such as insurance agencies, or any other real estate related businesses

Our Staff members are available to assist and explain the factors of escrow transactions and to answer any questions that may arise.

One of our many strengths is our meticulous cross checking. We conduct business with a system of checks and balances

Clients who use our highly-experienced, customer-focused escrow officers can be assured that their escrow will exceed their expectations

As part of our service, we send a deposit report directly to the seller so that they receive it in the fastest manner possible.

You will be pleasantly surprised

We are a full service, independent escrow company which represents the safest form of escrow technology. We are subject to the most stringent consumer protections in the industry. Our main goal is our client’s satisfaction. We utilize today’s state of the art technology with traditional service. Where we differ from other escrow companies that offer escrow services is our ONLY business is escrow. You can put your trust into our reputation for a smooth transaction, whether it is the purchase or sale of a home, business, securities or a refinance.

Our escrow officers have many years of escrow experience of practical, day-to-day handling and closing of thousands of escrows. The officers are backed up by a team of junior officers, assistants, and legal document specialists to insure a pleasing escrow experience. The owners of the company, bring experience, strong management skills and leadership to each escrow transaction.

Our obligation is to provide our clients escrow services with integrity, accuracy and quality customer service. It is our objective that your experience with RDP Escrow is so refined that you will use our services for life and feel confident referring your friends, family and clients to us.

We invite you to open your next escrow transaction with RDP Escrow and experience the difference!

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